Understanding Porn Addiction

Porn is an interest that is received when viewing sexy pictures or videos whereas porn addiction is an excessive gesture when saw sexiness, then adultery or masturbation is the impacts. It occurs mostly in men that when he saw a naked woman, the desire to commit adultery appeared in his mind. It shows that porn […]

Overcoming Addiction

The term of addiction is often associated with bad habits that can be caused by a substance or a behavior that is done repeatedly. There are many kinds of addiction exist and probably most often we hear the term addicted to alcohol or drugs are the most frequently heard and even seen as the most […]

Addiction Help

The basic and very important thing to overcome addiction is the presence of a strong spirit embedded in the minds of addict. This is important because a good method useless or even sent to counseling if do not have a strong desire. But it is important also for the companion example girlfriends, family, or spouse […]

Video Game Addiction

90% of children in America addicted to video games. No one seems due to if it happens we can see that the development of the game on the internet is so outgoing usual. When we used to play house, but now evolved to the online game. Video game addiction is declared to have effect because […]

The Chemistry of Addiction

These days some scientific evidence has revealed that the chemical addiction is one of process which is caused by a malfunctioning of neurotransmitters. It is further exacerbated by drug use or also alcohol consumption. The effects of drugs like cocaine, and opiates, vicodin and heroin influence to the brains receptors. It can give disease and […]